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2905, 2024

Skye and Tom’s Wedding in Our Restored Red Bentley

Skye and Tom's wedding in our restored red Bentley yesterday was a memorable day. We drove Skye and her bridesmaids to Danson House for her wedding in our stunning newly restored classic car. It was [...]

205, 2024

James and Kerrie’s White Rolls Royce Wedding

In the heart of Gravesend, Kent, love blossomed into a beautiful union as James and Kerrie exchanged vows on Saturday, the 27th of April. As a luxury wedding car company in the south east, we [...]

1904, 2024

Is Red the new White?

Is red the new white? When it comes to weddings, every detail matters. From the floral arrangements to the choice of venue, each element contributes to the overall ambiance of the day. One one of [...]

2302, 2024

Love is in the Air: The Perfect Wedding Car for your Proposal

Love was definitely in the air as this Valentine’s Day couples around the world celebrated their affection for one another.  Amongst the romantic gestures and heartfelt declarations of love, some undoubtedly took the ultimate leap [...]

1601, 2024

Choosing Marriage: Marrying the Person You Can’t Live Without

Choosing Marriage: Marrying the Person You Can't Live Without In the rich tapestry of life, finding a life partner is a most pivotal thread. The journey to matrimony is often marked by profound reflection, and [...]

3010, 2023

Jasmine and Kurtis Friday 27th October 2023

At Lady R Wedding & Chauffeur Hire, we had the honour of being a part of Jasmine and Kurtis's beautiful wedding day on October 27th at Bromley Registry Office. Jasmine and Kurtis chose to make [...]

1109, 2023

Ahmad and Ashaki Tied the Knot

On the sweltering Saturday 9th September 2023, a heart warming love story reached its pinnacle as Ahmad and Ashaki tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony at the historic Danson House in Bexley. The day [...]

1109, 2023

Aimee and Jack’s Special Celebration

On the sunny and very hot Saturday of September 9th, 2023, Aimee and Jack embarked on the most beautiful journey of their lives - their wedding day. Aimee and Jack's special celebration was filled with [...]

309, 2023

Helen and Stuart celebrated their wedding

On the 31st of August 2023, Helen and Stuart celebrated their wedding at Danson House in Kent. The couple chose our classic white Rolls Royce Silver Spirit as their wedding car, a recommendation from her [...]

2408, 2023

Zoe and Lee Married

Under the brilliant August sun, Zoe and Lee married Wednesday 23rd August 2023. The venue of choice was the newly appointed Maidstone Oakwood House, setting the stage for a day filled with love and joy. [...]

2108, 2023

John and Lesley’s Enchanting Wedding Car

On Saturday August 19th 2023, love was in the air as John and Lesley embarked on their lifelong journey together. Their wedding day was a testament to their love story, a union celebrated with joy, [...]

1308, 2023

Congratulations Louisa and Jake

The beautiful Louisa and Jake celebrated their wedding on Friday 11th August 2023.  We were pleased the weather was so lovely for them.  The day was marked by simplicity and heartfelt moments that undoubtedly left [...]

1607, 2023

Happy First Wedding Anniversary

Happy first wedding anniversary Claire and Darren.  Today marks a very special day in the lives of Claire and Darren as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  It feels like yesterday when they exchanged their [...]

2106, 2023

Would you include your Furry Friend in your Wedding?

Weddings are a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter and cherished memories.  Couples often strive to make their special day truly unique and personal.  One emerging trend that has stolen hearts across the globe is [...]

1206, 2023

Eamon and Halyna’s Wedding

Congratulations to Eamon and Halyna who got married on Saturday 10th June 2023, the hottest day of the year yet and a day to remember as they celebrated their love on such a beautiful day.  [...]

506, 2023

Holly and Jake Tied the Knot at Stone Parish Church

Love was in the air when Holly and Jake tied the knot at Stone Parish Church on Saturday 3rd June 2023. Holly and Jake Tied the Knot at Stone Parish Church The happy couple chose [...]

306, 2023

Ian and Milli’s Wedding Friday 2nd June 2023

Congratulations on Ian and Milli’s wedding Friday 2nd June 2023. The day was filled with love and joy as Ian and Milli got married.  Ian and Milli’s wedding day was a lovely affair, filled with [...]

206, 2023

Karen and Josh’s beautiful wedding this time last year

Karen and Josh’s beautiful wedding this time last year was a day filled with love, joy and cherished memories.  On June 2nd 2022, the couple exchanged vows at Bromley Registry Office in Kent, creating an [...]

106, 2023

Tina and Wayne’s First Wedding Anniversary

Today is Tina and Wayne's first wedding anniversary.  1st June 2022 they were surrounded by their loved ones and embarked on their journey of togetherness at the lovely Danson House in Bexley.  How time flies! [...]

2205, 2023

Sarah and Glen’s Unforgettable Day

Love was in the air on Saturday 20th May 2023 for Sarah and Glen's unforgettable day as they embarked on a beautiful journey together in the presence of their loved ones. Chauffeured to Danson House, [...]

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